would you support a friend with their business or will you continue supporting big box store’s ( Costco ) ??


In this world nothing is easy nothing is free! We pay for it one way or another.

if you think that someone is making fast cash and making easy money you cannot say that with out understanding what that person went through! what kind of struggle they had to overcome to be where they are in life.

Having your own business requires alot of know how, lots of skills, and specially a talent that you must have is to communicate with people is the key to success. Getting them what they need, what they want in life, help or support being mental uplifting , teaching or training on what they want to learn to master or to learn the trade.

what ever your business is its going to require people! No matter in what industry you are in it will requires that you have costumers and members

that is how you keep the constant flow of goods and services that is just the name of the game. ” No flow, No money ” thats just plain and simple.

Take a look at how big businesses operate dont they operate on memberships?

for example:

101 million subscribers

Amazon Prime Membership Swells to 100 Million in U.S. | Fortune


In 2019, just under 100 million people had paid for a yearly Costco membership. The number of cardholders has been growing steadily since 2014. Costco Wholesale Corporation is a growing membership-only retail company, which offers goods in bulk at competitive prices.
Costco – Wikipedia


182.8 million subscribersNetflix has 182.8 million subscribers, making it one of the world’s largest entertainment services. It added 2.3 million in the United States and Canada in the first quarter for a total of 69.9 million, and added 13.5 million internationally.Apr 21, 2020
Netflix Earnings: Nearly 16 Million New Subscribers Join So …


Disney Plus ramped up to 54.5 million subscribers as of early May. The company had initially predicted that Disney Plus would reach 60 million to 90 million subscribers after about five years. Now, it is within spitting distance of that range just six months after launch.
Disney Plus: Everything you need to know – CNET

you Get the general idea about now right?

well would it be awesome if you can help each other in the same way if you had a business and had that amount of memberships that would be life changing for you and your family. you would of not have to depend on the economy to make a living, you would not have to be a slave to the stock market (risk market ). you will have something that will surpass all of those financial hurdles.

you will have balance in life. options to do what you love to do whatever is in your heart that you want. if you want to donate your time to a charity organization to help the homeless, or a battered or abuse shelter for men and woman. this is when your true calling in life will manifest in you and others will see this and will want to follow your example and this is where you could be a wonderful role model for so many people. you just need to make that leap of faith and do it.

“Opportunities pop up for everybody all of the time. It’s the way that we progress. It’s whether or not you’re in the right frame of mind or in the right stage of your life or if you’re even looking for them [that determines] whether or not you see them. As you take more risks you see opportunities more easily.

[Risks are] never the safe option, but for me the safe option is the worst option. The riskiest life I can think of is letting yourself to be molded into this comfortable, same-as-everybody-else routine. For me, that is risking my whole life.”
― Ben Brown

once we cross that bridge we must learn to burn the bridge in order for us not to regress back to those patterns or habits that did not let us progress further in life.

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