Peace with in nature.

There is a subtle peace that comes upon observing nature. There’s grandeur to observe around every corner in the world that captures the peace that comes from enveloping oneself in nature. From “the snow that falls so soft and light,” to “the waves that ripple to the shore,” the peace that comes from being in the arms of Mother Nature is serene and calming. She notes that in this poem and reminds all of us to see the beauty in the everyday, just as the other poets here have done. shows us that “All natural things both live and move / In natural peace that is their own.” Think about how you move in the world and what gives you peace. When you think about nature and the environment, reflect on your place in the world and how to connect with it. Understanding nature and the environment will continue to be an inspiration for the writers of tomorrow, so never forget to use it for inspiration and guidance to express yourself!

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