When life tries to take you down, you have to grab life by the horns. and control your life back.

I dont have to tell you that life has been so cheotic! Just turn on the zoombie tube and you can see that the whole world is falling apart literally, Financially, Spiritually, morally. its so depressing and believe me it will bring you down if you let it.

time is the biggest thing that we cannot control! No matter if you are super rich or poor time does not discriminate against no one at all ( the equal Dominator ). We must be wise to how or who we spend our precious time. As the old saying goes ( you can always get back money or materialistic things but time, well time its a whole other issue.

Honestly this is been the time where everyones emmotions have been so out of whak, with everything going on its hard not to, and if you havent figured it out that when people are at there lowest points emotionally thats when you get manipulated and controlled the easiest way, because you make decisions based on emmotions and not on logic you can not rationalyse the situations. your emmotional state will deside your outcome if you are not careful.

You say what is the solution! What is the remedy! what can i do to elevate my spiritual health, How can i fight off these negative emmotions, These negative feelings.

How can i re-enforce a more positive atmosphere how can i feed my spiritual hunger, How do i make that transition?

Here are a few simple recommendations that you can start by applying them to your daily lives.

  1. Join a group that loves to do what is that makes you come alive.
  2. Go out and explore new things new adventures ( as long as they are safe).
  3. greed people with a smile, you will be amazed on how a smile can turn the meanest person into a teady bear.
  4. Have positive conversations with people that you know. or that you somehow come across and just strike a great conversation with.
  5. Go out for a long ride on your car listening to your favorite songs those songs that will bring and uplift your spirits.
  6. One of the best forms of relaxation that i have found and heard of is going on a walk on the beach or a park and see all the beauty that life has to show..
  7. Camping if you enjoy the great outdoors this is another way to get out and see the beauty of life in nature.

these are a few things that me and my family have been doing to help us enjoy these journey called Life..

Hiking can be an amazing activity for the whole family.
Road trips this was taken to our road trip to oregon at mount shasta.

My sister and my brother in law.
My son at 6 or 7 years old.
My niece Yessenia, my son Samuel and my daughter Ashley.
My niece Kiana.

This was an amazing adventure for the whole family to take trips like this and just enjoy the beauty of nature and to spend time with family and love ones is so precious.

this is it for now i wull share more trips that we been having here in the near future. till then

Life is the culmination of the people in your life, the time you spend with them, the memories you create and the stories you treasure from these experiences.

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