Seek and you shall find!

If you seek, you shall find. If you knock at the door of unknowing, it shall be opened to you. As you wish and seek and desire to know that which is your purpose, that is much like the magnetic attraction of the iron filing to the magnet.

If you seek with purity, if you seek consciously, if you seek in meditation, if you seek with every fiber of your being, you shall draw unto you that which is yours, that which you have chosen before this incarnation to experience, to grow from and to share with others, as you move through your incarnational pattern. Each of you has made these choices previous to this incarnation. Each of you has prepared yourself with a bounty of riches one may see as the opportunities to grow in a fashion in which is appropriate for you.

The life pattern is that which can be discerned in a general fashion by the intuition can be enhanced by the intellect, can be magnified by the spirit, can be realized in meditation as you are able to put yourself in the state of one-pointed seeking, so that that which is yours is drawn to you by your desire.
-Q’uo -The Law Of One

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