I’m sorry to tell you this, but your unhappiness is all your fault. Utterly. Completely. All your fault.

The human brain is smart. It likes to deceive you so that you stay comfortable. One of its most deceiving lies, is that you can’t achieve what you want to achieve, because you don’t have the right environment, or that it’s too difficult for you to change because of a past hurt you’ve experienced.

Don’t get me wrong, trauma is real; and atrocities can leave gaping emotional scars. But healing is always a choice, and there’s nothing that can’t be overcome, if one decides they want to overcome it.

If you change your thoughts, and then change your actions, you’ll eventually change your lifestyle. Your lifestyle is your way of giving meaning to the world. It’s a way of giving meaning to your own life. Once you change your lifestyle, the way that you interact and view the world will change as well.

Don’t forget the most crucial point: for your life to occur, you have to decide that you will change. You have to decide that you want to change, but not only that, you have to change. You have to change what you do and say. You have to change what you think. You have to change the way you interact to stimuli and the way you react to stimuli. It sounds difficult. You’re going to resist change. But in reality, it’s a simple choice. You simply have to choose the lifestyle you want and commit to it.

A lot of people fear commitment. It seems like a very permanent act, and it may feel like too much responsibility. Responsibility is what gives life meaning. There’s nothing worth doing that isn’t attached with commitment and responsibility.

Are you currently not that happy? Are you wishing you had another life? I’m going to tell you a hard truth that not many people are going to tell you. It’s your fault. It’s all just baggage, and your unhappiness is your own fault. I’m not criticising you for everything you’ve ever been and done, I’m telling you to take responsibility for your own life and your own happiness, because you hold all the power. Here and now, regardless of whatever’s happened to you in the past, you are the one who controls your next move, and you’re the one who can choose to live the life they want. Whatever hardship you’ve gone through, whatever backstabbing you’ve felt, whatever curve ball life has thrown at you; it holds no bearing on how you choose to live your life from this moment onwards.

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