As research continues to show the health benefi ts of the muscadine
grape, there is growing interest in fi nding easy sources of resveratrol
and the other antioxidants so plentiful in the fruit. Grape growers
have developed the technology to harness the goodness of the grape in
grape-seed or grape-skin capsules and food supplements. It’s important
for consumers to know that muscadine is the only grape that contains
resveratrol in the seed. (Other grape varieties contain resveratrol only
in the skin.) When buying grape-seed capsules or food supplements,
look for products made from the muscadine to be sure you’re getting
all the goodness that nature can give. Capturing the goodness of the
grape in a capsule ensures a concentration of phytochemicals and the
synergy that those compounds produce for the maximum benefi t
without consuming the alcohol or calories. ■

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