SKIN CARE, INSIDE AND OUT with 100% muscadine grape oil.

Truly beautiful skin is a result of healthy skin that is cared for both
on the surface and from within, with proper care of the whole body.
The body utilizes antioxidants to battle the damaging effects of free
radicals. As we age, the body produces fewer antioxidants and skin
begins to show the cumulative damage. Damage to collagen and microcapillaries in the skin causes a decrease in nutrients that get to the
skin, which leads to the loss of youthful appearance. Microcapillaries
are the smallest of a body’s blood vessels and enable the interchange
of nutrients between blood and the surrounding tissues. Antioxidants
strengthen capillary walls and keep them fl exible and unobstructed.
Both nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals from the muscadine grape can
play a role in maintaining healthy, youthful-looking skin.

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