Hello darkness my old friend!!!

Having to deal with so much emotional baggage and trying to leave that baggage behind with all the chaos and the doom and gloom of the world do you slip into the darkness to find comfort and peace to think of your life choices past and present to really think about life! Life is so precious and amazing but really looking at life it’s nothing but a Rollercoaster highs, lows, in-betweens there will never be a happy or samboring medium. How do you get out of that pit that hole well you say I got all my family and friends I’m good, well that might be all good for you but what about the ones that do not have friends and families. How do they get out of that hole do they just slip deeper into the whole and die a slow and agonizing death.

I often wonder! Will 2022 be the same as 2021 or worse. Speculations and rumors are circling that it could be worse when will it end? Will it end with humanity being at the brink of extinction or will humanity say enough is enough and I will not take this crap any more. But when will it be when it’s too late for us to take action what will take place what will be the tipping point to our frustration..

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