Would it be too mundane to say this shake is awesome?

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Common sense wellness world wide.

So what is Common Sense Wellness Worldwide all about? In this short video we explain why you might be interested in joining us! Whether you want to order some of our incredible products or “build a business for yourself, not by yourself”, we have the platform to serve you!

Beware 2022: Technocracy’s War Against Humanity Set To Continue

Source: Patrick Wood On the last day of 2021, what better time to reflect on Technocracy’s recent gains and likely trajectory moving into 2022? Over Christmas, I showcased my Twelve Days of Technocracy articles that were originally written in December 2019. Even though these appear at the bottom of the home page at Technocracy. news,…

Beware 2022: Technocracy’s War Against Humanity Set To Continue