Med beds update..

Hello everyone,
Can you tell we’re getting closer to our transition? Although the media is still pushing the narrative, many of us are informed about what’s really about to happen. It’s been a long haul, but the signs are affirmative.



If we’ve been paying attention, we see how the narrative went from one story to another as we sunk deeper into the deep state agenda. Not any longer. We know about the jab, Fraudci, the fake statistics, stolen election, etc. so let’s move on to what’s next.
The big question now is, will the MedBed reverse the damage from the jab? The short answer appears to be no. Listen to what this women appears to know.

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broken heart

broken heart

So what do we do now? It’s so heartbreaking to know of so many people who are destined to suffer. As I listen to her explain their prognosis, it all seems so surreal like how can this be happening? The reality of the information is still not easy to comprehend for those of us who have been awake following this narrative for years. The mental challenge to accept what’s transpired will be more devastating than many will be able to handle. The slow drips of the magnet jokes are becoming more disturbing as the days continue to reveal the truth about their situation. Everyone will feel the pain as no one wants to watch anyone suffer. Deep state being the exception.

leaf sprout


Do you think maybe now people are ready to surrender? That time is typically when people have nowhere else to turn but to let go and let God. Had they taken my hand they would have had faith in the body that God created. Whenever the Queen is off the board, the next move will prove Game Over.
Faith is imperative or else we make decisions in fear which will always deliver consequences.